Dropshipping Traffic Calculator

It’s important for every store owner to understand how website traffic relates to sales.
This tool will tell you how many visitors you need to attract to your store to hit your earnings goal.

My goal is to earn $ in days CALCULATE

You need 7 visitors and 0 orders a day
Not that hard right?

Overall you’ll need to attract 700 visitors to your store or get 14 orders.
Oh, and by the way, you’ll make $630.00 in sales!

These calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • on average, out of every 100 visitors to your store 2 people will place an order The percentage of visitors who purchase from your store. It’s safe to say that it will vary between 1.5–2.5%.
  • the average order value will be $45 This number is taken from KartSupply’s user statistics. The actual Average Order Value (AOV) might differ from store to store.
  • your margin is 2x, which means that you must charge customers double the price you pay the supplier KartSupply’s users usually sell their products at 2x the price they pay to their suppliers. You can user higher or lower markups according to your business strategy.
  • on average it costs you $0.35 to attract one visitor to your site There are many ways you can attract a visitor to your store. It can cost you nothing, or you can pay $100s for only a few visits. Our example price is based on using Facebook Ads in a US market. However, it can be drastically different in your case.

Note: Earnings are calculated by taking your sales and subtracting what you pay to your supplier and what you pay for advertising your store.

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