What is the KartSupply Chrome Extension

If you dropship products from aliexpress.com, then the Kart Supply Chrome extension can save you time while running your business:

  • Import products to your Hipkart store from aliexpress.com.
  • Show additional shipping information while you browse for products on aliexpress.com.
  • Process orders that contain products from aliexpress.com.

Add the extension

You must be using the following to use the Kart Supply Chrome extension:

  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • Google’s Chrome browser (you can download it here if you don’t have it)

The Kart Supply Chrome extension doesn’t work with other browsers and also isn’t compatible with mobile devices or tablets.



1.  Visit the extension’s Google Chrome store page.

2.  Click Add to Chrome:

3.  If a popup appears, then click Add extension:


Show additional shipping information


The Kart Supply Chrome extension has settings to show additional shipping information when you browse for products on AliExpress. The extension helps you see the cost of shipping each product to your selected country using your chosen shipping method. You can filter out products that don’t ship to that country or use that shipping method.


1.  While using the Chrome browser on a computer, visit aliexpress.com.

2.  Navigate to a product category page, or use the search tool to search for products.

3.  When on the category or search results page, click the Kart Supply Chrome extension icon:

4.  Adjust the shipping cost settings, and then click Update Settings